29 March 2013

Happy Easter to all Corletters!

Although Easter is essentially a Christian holiday, it has become fun for everyone to celebrate. If you are in London during Easter and are not sure of how to spend the Easter Bank Holidays, here are some suggestions:


Check out Irvine's Easter Fair in Clapham common (Click here for more information) 

See the show 'David Bowie Is' at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Today, the museum will be open until 11pm and have musical performances and workshops. (Click here for more information) 


Join in on the UK's biggest Easter Egg Hunt in Covent Garden. It's sponsored by Lindt and all proceeds will go to Action For Children. Note: this is an event mainly for children. (Click here for more information)

Have a mad hatter tea party at the Sanderson Hotel (Click here for more information) 


Watch the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge at the Putney Bridge in Chiswick at 4:30 pm. (Click here for more information) 

Alternatively, the Oxford vs Cambridge goat race at Spitalfields City Farm should be very entertaining! (Click here for more information) 


Visit the Real Street Food Festival at the Southbank riverside between the London eye and Hungerford Bridge. (Click here for more information)

Check out the April Fool's Day comedy concert at the Royal Albert Festival hall. (Click here for more information)


25 March 2013

This month, the Dobla belt of our Spring/Summer 2013 was featured in the Sunday Express!

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22 March 2013

These Corletters know how to accessorise! The belts being worn, in order from left to right, are from the 'Relache Les Bretelles', 'Frilleuse', 'Pleasee', and 'Corlette' collections.

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20 March 2013

Thanks to Luxxlab for featuring us in their newest newsletter! Click here to visit their website!


18 March 2013

Fault / Winter 2012 Issue - 'Corlette' Belt & 'Attachee' Gloves, 'Gladiatora' Gloves

Click on the links below to shop for the collections:

Corlette Collection

Attachee Collection

Gladiatora Collection


15 March 2013

Click here to shop the 'Garde a Toi' Collection!


13 March 2013

Corlette founder Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler with Mira Duma, Elena Perminova, Nasiba Adilova, Tatyana Nosova Djhouri and Sabine Ghanem, the team behind the highly popular Russian website Büro 24/7.

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11 March 2013

Check out the beautiful styling in this Glass Magazine editorial!

A special edition of the 'Curvie' collection belt was used in the middle shot, whilst the corset-style belt from the 'Corlette' Collection  was used for the image on the right.


10 March 2013

Browse our new collections here


08 March 2013

Jackie O' - a well-educated and well-travelled woman, rembembered for her impeccable style and her cultural contributions to the United States as the First Lady. A true Corlette Woman!

Some fashion fun-facts about her:

- She loved above-the-elbow gloves, pumps and pillbox hats.
- Her main designer was Oleg Cassini, but she also wore Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. Ironically Chanel and Dior were in deep competion with each other during this time and embodied two opposing visions of womanswear.
- After her time as First Lady, she drastically changed her clothing style and switched from suits with skirts to wide-leg pantsuits, Hermès head scarves and large, round sunglasses.She even started wearing jeans publicly - a very bold move at that time.
- She was a big jewelry fan, wearing Tiffany & Co, Kenneth Jay Lande and Van Cleef & Arpels.
- In 1965, she was added to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.

Some other fun-facts about her:

- Her father was a broker on the Wall Street stock exchange.
- She was a very enthusiastic horseback rider.
- She has one sister and two step-siblings.
- She attained a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature at the George Washington University.
- At one point, she held the position of Inquiring Photographer at The Washington Times Herald.
- She was introducted to John Kennedy by Charles Bartlett, a Pulitzer Prize winner, at a dinner party.
- As First Lady, she revamped the social events in the White House and organised the restoration of the White House.




06 March 2013

Corlette is also sold on 'The Cools' website! Recently, we were featured in one of their newsletters. And we agree - the Pleasee gloves are perfect for Jetsetter Chic!


05 March 2013

 Read more here!

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04 March 2013

Corlette Designer, Fiorina Benveniste Schuler & Leivankash Designer, Leila Kashanipour, @ Tranoi in Paris for the AW13 Collection Presentation!