26 February 2013

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[...] ''The new season designers decided to start with the new project “Changes”, organised by Doodski. Different young designers, such as Yulia Kalmanovich, Oksana On, the founder of Corlette, Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler and many others, participated in this project. In collaboration with Doodski they created a collection of T-shirts, with funny New Year’s resolutions!" [...]



25 February 2013

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22 February 2013

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19 February 2013

The Times Magazine/16 February 2013 Issue 

Helena Christensen wearing 'Eclairee' Gloves

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18 February 2013

Corlette pieces available until the 20th of February @ Austique

330 Kings Road, SW3 5UR, London


15 February 2013

Corlette T shirt  'Embrace Elegance & Style' made for the Event  'Changes' in Moscow!

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14 February 2013


11 February 2013

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08 February 2013

Charlotte Groeneveld from 'TheFashionGuitar' wearing 'Tribalala' Belt

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07 February 2013

Earlier this year, Soraya Bakhtiar added a special touch to her outfit with a pair of Basic Chic gloves!

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06 February 2013

You/ 3 February 2013 Issue - 'Dobla' Gloves, 'Contrasta' Gloves & 'Dramatica' Gloves

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"Corlette has a great range of super-stylish gloves and belts in the softest Italian leather and a never-ending range of colours, including many a bang-on-trend pastel - perfect for that winter-to-spring transition." 

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05 February 2013

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04 February 2013

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01 February 2013

Corlette @ Gift Vault's Event ' From Russia with Love' on the 24th of January 2013 
Corlette Designer Fiorina Benveniste Schuler with Lee Greenberg, one of the two Gift Vault Founders.