31 January 2013

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30 January 2013

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24 January 2013

 Dear Corletters,

Join us tonight at Gift Vault's showroom for an exclusive shopping experience! Corlette and many other fabulous brands will be represented. 


22 January 2013

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21 January 2013

Kurv/January 2013 Issue - 'Gladiatora' Gloves

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18 January 2013

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17 January 2013

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16 January 2013

 Cosmopolitan/February 2013 Issue - 'Dramatica' Gloves & 'Rock Coco' Gloves

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15 January 2013


14 January 2013

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11 January 2013

 Glamour/January 2013 Issue - 'Dramatica Gloves & 'Garde a Toi' Belt

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10 January 2013

 Blogger Lela London wears Corlette!

"The London-based luxury accessories brand [...] does [corset-style leather fashion belts] better than anyone else."

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08 January 2013


07 January 2013

 Sunday Express/ 6 January 2013 Issue - 'Corlette' Belt

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04 January 2013

 Cosmopolitan/January 2013 Issue - 'Roche Noire' Gloves 

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