03 October 2014

Pop diva Kylie Minogue in our Laca collection gloves!

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06 November 2013

Judith Martin wears our Pleasee Bracelet!

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02 October 2013

 Annabelle Wallis wearing our Limited Edition Belt!

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24 June 2013

Colette, the grandmother of Corlette's founder, would have turned 88 this year. Happy birthday to the inspiration behind Corlette!


15 May 2013

Corlette's official singer, Alissia B, wears our Gladiatora belt and palm covers!

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24 April 2013

Bo Bruce, the star of 'The Voice,' wore a Corlette belt in this Issue of Hello! Magazine!

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17 April 2013

Blogger Laura Hofmann of Likette wore our Tria belt. This belt is also great for festivals!

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10 April 2013

Check out how the beautiful Julia Van Hagen, co-founder of The Space in Paris, wore our Tribalala Belt. 

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15 March 2013

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08 February 2013

Charlotte Groeneveld from 'TheFashionGuitar' wearing 'Tribalala' Belt

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04 February 2013

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22 October 2012

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10 October 2012

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24 September 2012


31 August 2012

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03 July 2012

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19 June 2012

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24 May 2012

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21 December 2011

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03 November 2011

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23 February 2011

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15 February 2011

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24 January 2011

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